June 2021


Power Taking off Mechanisms: Rear Engine PTO

The Pump drive is mostly mounted upon a diesel engine; pump drives are generally mounted to the REPTO gearbox. They are also called engine power take-off mechanisms. Pump drives are generally being made up of rugged material. This helps them in sustaining their form, as it further provides them with the required versatility. They are generally able to connect with clutched pumps or multiple lives. As the whole unit is essentially self-contained, owing to which, it requires no lubrication.

The PD (Pump Drive) can be attached to various output devices. One of the most common devices with which this is connected are Power Take-offs, marine transmissions, and other industrial compatible equipment. The huger models of the pump drive also have a provisional internal cooler exchanger, which can be utilized combined with external coolers. Now we shall look into the usage of rear engine PTO power take-off devices.

A power takes off function in many ways, but the most suitable method for using the same is provided.

It takes an available power source, similar to a running engine, and then it transmits the application to a separate attached machine. A good day today example can be seen in the tractor, rear-engine PTO is generally a splined drive shaft which is installed on the said tractor, which then allows implements of mating fittings to be powered directly by the engine without any hindrance.


In most cases, the PTO is generally connected directly in connection with a hydraulic pump. This function allows for transmission through the pure usage of the mechanical force generated through the hydraulic fluid system. PTO has many usages. Some of them are listed as follows. PTO can be used for running a water pump on a fire engine or water truck. They can also be used for running a truck-mounted hot water extraction machine for carpet cleaning. They can also power a blower system that is generally used to move dry materials such as cement. They also can aid in raising a dump truck bed. Further, they also help operate the mechanical arm on a bucket truck used by electrical maintenance personnel.


These are also widely used in Trucks. The truck’s transmissions have several locations upon which a PTO can be mounted. Therefore, few things are required to be understood before buying a PTO:

  1. The PTO would most probably be sold separately, so the said PTO is required to match the physical interface of the transmission. Only a compatible PTO can be attached with the same.
  2. The PTO suppliers will require details of the make, model and even serial number of the transmission. Thus the same shall be provided to him.
  3. It shall also be kept in mind that the physical space around the transmission is sufficient to allow for the PTO installation. The PTO functions based upon the transmission clutch. It is engaging and disengaged through using the main transmission clutch.
  4. A remote control mechanism connected to the PTO mechanism also helps achieve the same.

Despite their advantages, the purchase of the same shall only be made after careful consideration.

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