August 23, 2021


Read To Know How You Can Transport Your Car If You Are On Military Assignment

If you are in military service, and recently you have received your new posting order to a different location. Probably, you are thinking about whether you will be fully reimbursed for shipping your car to the new station.

However, it will mostly depend on which location have you got your posting order. If you are presently living in the US continent and also your new station is in the same US continent, then the government will not pay for shipping your vehicle.

Let us discuss a few military auto transport tips and also Ship a Car, Inc. having a long experience in serving the needs of military personnel, how they can be of your use in shipping your car.

1.     You can ship your vehicle within the US continent

As per the rule, the military will not reimburse you for shipping the car within the continental US. However, there are few exceptions, so you must reach out to the personal property office, for financial help to get your car shipped.

Don’t get frustrated if they also do not support you. You will find plenty of auto transporter companies who are offering discounts to any active-duty military members. This can lessen your financial burden to a certain extent.

Usually, auto transportation can be quite expensive, particularly if the distance to be transported is pretty long. Therefore, such discounts offered by various car shipping companies will not be too great, but that is all they can do as a gesture for armed forces. They will surely be a little better than paying the full price though.

2.     You can also drive on your own

In case you think that all that with all that discounts offered by a few shipping companies will not be going to help you and you will not be able to afford the cost then you have got one more option.

Why not drive your own POV and reach your new service station where you have been posted. While on this option, you will have to pay for your hotel stay, gas, and also food during your road trip, but still you can end up saving a few hundred dollars by driving rather than shipping your car.

The government may even help you by making payment when you are on the way to your next posting station. As per the Department of Defense, all military members who will drive their cars for reaching to their new stations may be reimbursed for their mileage and also some travel costs.

Besides the cost, you must also consider the duration of the trip that you will take. If you cannot report to duty at your new base, then you may not get enough time also to drive your own car.

3.     Shipping the car outside of the continent

Those military service members who want to ship their vehicle to their duty stations which are outside of the US continental need to book their cars through the military. Here, the military will decide how your POV can be shipped and also which carrier will they deliver it.


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Golf cart batteries: Know everything before you buy it

The easiest thing to do is check the age of golf cart batteries when you buy an electric golf cart on the market. This is significant since many people are misleading about the age of the cart batteries they buy. Sometimes a private party or a retailer tells a consumer that the batteries are new but they are three to four years old. Investing in high-grade golf cart batteries is important, as it increases your cart’s lifetime and provides you with less maintenance for a longer period. Some things to remember here while you are looking for golf cart batteries options:


When you buy any battery, it is vital to understand your voltage requirements. The voltage is straightforward to determine, even if you have lost your handbook or other major materials. By opening your battery compartment, counting the number of valves on one battery, you may calculate the voltage of one of your golf batteries and double this figure. This is the voltage.


You will find a wide range of golf cart batteries in the market, including an AGM, flooded lead-acid, and gel acid batteries. While high-quality goods can operate best on different battery types, we typically suggest gel alternatives in each of these families and select golf cart models. Batteries for gel lead-acid golf carts offer low maintenance, long life, and constant discharging power. Consider some of the standard battery voltages and systems on the market.

6 Volt Batteries: a single 6-volt battery will have 3 cell caps on top of the battery and it provides the highest amperage capacity.

8 Volt Batteries: a single 8-volt battery will have 4 cell caps on top of the battery and it provides moderate amperage capacity.

12 Volt Batteries: a 12-volt battery has 6 cell caps on top of the battery, and it provides the least amperage capacity.


Golf cart batteries are specialized devices and you should acquire items from a reputable firm in this field. When exploring your alternatives, have a look at manufacturers with excellent ratings and a long history of providing batteries for power sports. Never forget to look at product guarantees that demonstrate that you are happy to support the firm that has developed your golf cart batteries.

Many golf cart battery alternatives are available on the market and battery specialists are invited to browse your options to pick the one suitable for your cart model and your requirements. We are always accessible to advise on golf cart batteries that satisfy your demands.

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