July 2022


Why You Need a Ford Transit Custom Van

If you are in the market for a van, Ford vans are one of the most reliable options out there. You can choose what you want, and then have it customised to suit your needs. The Ford vans are highly rated, high quality, and best sellers in the UK. These vans are spacious and reliable, and they are known leaders in the medium van market.

They Have a High Capacity

One of the reasons that the Ford Transit Custom Lease is so popular is that it has at least six metres of load space. It is quite large for a medium sized van, and you can choose one with a long wheelbase and a high roof to increase your load capacity to 8.3 cubic metres. If you need to transport long or awkwardly shaped items, this is a great option.

They Are Flexible

These vans have a bulkhead, which is designed to give you more load space. It separates the driver’s compartment from the load space, and it has a panel that flips up to give you more storage under the seats.

You Have Usage Choices

When you choose the Ford Transit Custom van, there are different options. The panel van is great for people who need to carry a maximum of three people and a lot of cargo. It has three seats in front and a lot of cargo space.

If you need to bring more people with you, you can look at the Transit Custom DCiV, which is also called the Transit Custom Double Cab, Utr has a second row of three sets, and then the bulkhead is behind them.

Another option is for people who don’t have cargo and need a lot of passengers to fit. The Ford Tourneo Custom holds eight or nine passengers.

Engine Choices

When you choose Ford vans, you get great engine choices. They come with a Euro 6.2 2.0 litre TDCi EcoBlue turbo diesel, and it is available in 105 hp, 130 hp, 170 hp, and 185 hp. They also have a plug-in model with a 1.0 litre EcoBoost petrol engine or an EcoBlue hybrid.

All of their diesel engines have an AdBlue tank that reduces the emissions of toxic nitrogen oxide particles. You get a choice of a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed automatic transmission depending on the model you choose. If you go with the Hybrid, it is a one-speed automatic, and they come in front-wheel drive.

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