Auto transportation is the process of shipping cars from a point to a destination point such as from one country to another or one state to another state. There are usually two types of auto transportation process from which one is open transportation best suited for normal branded cars and the second one is enclosed auto transportation that is best suited for a classic or exotic car.

Whenever it pertains to exporting a car, you have a few alternatives to pick from. You have the option of using an open car carrier or enclosed auto transport. Open auto transport is ideal for those seeking a less expensive shipping alternative, but when you hold a classic or premium vehicle, the extra expense of enclosed auto transport is very well good enough to justify it.

Some quick tips while booking an auto transportation

  • Advanced call for scheduling for ensuring correct pickup timing and time frame of delivery.
  • Payment by secured mode such as credit card.
  • Ensuring that the service is the door-to-door service.
  • Presence of a designated people for picking up the vehicle.
  • Check terms and conditions properly.
  • Take care of the Bill of landing as it is important.
  • Follow up on the shipping updates.

Open auto transport

This type of transportation is most commonly seen in highways in which multiple cars are shipped from a point to a destination point. This process is much cheaper than the second process and rapid also. But some of the drawbacks of this kind of transport is the cars get expose to dirty, snow, hail as they are not covered so they are extremely exposed to the environment. According to a survey held in dispatching centers, 90% of the shipments are open auto transport.

Advantages of open auto transport

  • Cost friendly
  • Rapid process
  • Safe
  • Stress-free and hassle-free
  • Minimized wear and tear

Enclosed auto transport

This enclosed auto transport process is slightly unnoticed in nature because they tend to ship in a hidden view. The car is fully covered for the protection process; hence the car is not exposed to the environment. This process ensures that the automobile in departed condition remains the same as the vehicle arrived. This process is best suited for high-class vehicles such as classic cars, auction cars. The truck which carries these cars are customized according to the requirement and brand., due to which this is costly.

This is a mode of transportation that provides the finest safeguarding for automobiles. These automobiles are carried onto an enclosed trailer instead of a flatbed or standard open car transporter to shield them against road hazards and the surroundings.

But although damage is infrequent when a vehicle is transferred across the country, it can happen. This is particularly true if the auto carrier has to make a stopover in a high-crime region along the way. Consider leaving your antique car on an uncovered trailer in a high-crime town overnight; the mere concept of it makes most classic and luxury car buyers squirm.

Advantage of enclosed auto transport

  • High safety
  • Secured transport
  • No wear and tear
  • Additional services
  • Shipped with low ground clearance
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