Bullet Engine Oil Vs Car Engine Oil, What Is The Difference?

Motor Oil is a lubricant that reduces wear and tear and also increases the life of the engine. One of the most significant parts of your engine is its oil pump, which ensures that there is a good flow of oil for the smooth functioning of the engine.

Bullet Engine Oil

Bullet engine oil is used in any kind of two-wheelers including high-speed bikes like Bullet 350 and Royal Enfield Himalayan etc. It provides complete protection against corrosion and rust while increasing the lifespan of the vehicle. It gives maximum control over water breaking down thereby preventing damage to vital components such as piston rings, gudgeon pins along crank bearings decreasing friction between moving surfaces.  It also ensures minimum wastage of energy through heat generation throughout the engine.

Car Engine Oil

Car engine oil is one that best suits your car’s requirements. It reduces heat and other adverse effects due to friction. It provides long-term protection against corrosion and rust. It increases maximum lubrication, reducing wear and tear. Thus extending the lifespan of the vehicle is a better way than any other normal oil. It is compatible with 4-stroke petrol engines, 2 stroke petrol engines, and diesel engines including high-speed car-like TATA Indica Vista, etc.

What are the benefits of using bullet engine oil and car engine oil?

Here are some benefits of using Bullet engine oil and Car engine oil:

-It increases the lifespan of the vehicle.

-The collision between moving metal parts is minimal due to minimum wastage of energy through heat generation and increased lubrication.

-They prevent damage to vital components such as piston rings, gudgeon pins along with crank bearings.

What Is The Difference Between Bullet Engine Oil and Car Engine Oil in India?

Though both are used in two-wheelers they have different properties though their designation is different. Bullet engine oil is certified with API, SG, and SH whilst Car Engine Oil is recommended by Renault Qualis which has no designation.

So the difference between bullet engine oil and car engine oil in India is that Car engine oil has a designation of being compatible with 4-stroke petrol engines,2 stroke petrol engines, and diesel engines while Bullet Engine Oil doesn’t have any such designation. If you are confused about what to buy for your bike or car then you can use this table below to compare better :

Where can I buy bullet engine oil and car engine oil in India?

However, both the oils are expensive if you compare them to normal lubricant oils. The reason is that there are very few manufactures of these types of oils for two-wheelers. As compared to car engine oil there are many manufacturers for car engine oil because there are more cars than bikes. But still, people prefer Bullet Engine Oil because it has better quality as compared to Car Engine Oil.  Also, you have to bear the cost of buying a high-quality motorcycle if you are looking for bullet engine oil in India.

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