The Importance of a Clean Water Pump

Have you ever looked into the different kinds of water pumps that are available for your use? Upon hearing of a clean water pump, it may spur on a few more questions. Because if a clean water pump exists, there must also be a dirty one. So what is the difference?

Come and read along with us as we look into this subject and show why and when a clean water pump is essential for your home or property. By the end of this article, you will know for sure whether this is something that you actually need or not.

The difference between a dirty and a clean water pump

The main difference between these two types of pumps is their ability to pump different sizes of particles. A clean water pump is designed solely for use with clean water such as that which may be utilized for drinking, for filling up your pool, or surface or groundwater like that which you would find in streams or in your own private well.

Generally, clean water is the type of water that is treated or that is for the most part clean. Therefore for this kind of task, you would need a clean water pump.

 Dirty water on the other hand is what is usually referred to as wastewater and can be water that contains larger particles and contents but that is still mostly liquid. Flood water for example is definitely not a nice-looking kind of water but it would require a dirty water pump to move due to its larger particle sizes that a clean water pump could not account for.

What kind of pump is best for clean water?

You may be wondering if a dirty water pump can be used for clean water and the answer is yes you can. In addition, many dirty water pumps come with additional filtering that may block out unwanted contaminants to your clean water. However many prefer to order a clean water pump by itself because it is much more cost-effective and a dirty water pump may just be slightly overkill.

Even then though, looking at all the different kinds of clean water pumping systems, you can easily get overwhelmed by the choices. To make this much easier for you and to narrow down your search, our recommendation is to start with the centrifugal pumps. These are both the most effective clean water pumps and one of the most cost-effective options for your clean water.

Peter Ruth

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